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Hi! I’m Robin Storm - Car Rental Expert & Author

I originally joined EuroCarRentals in February 2018 as a European Site & Content Manager, and I’m currently based in Sin, but I view myself as a global traveler, especially across Europe.

About Me

I've always perceived writing as a profound medium for communication. It's a potent instrument for articulating ideas, disseminating knowledge, and narrating tales. Through it, I can convey my insights, feelings, and experiences about the diverse world of European car rentals to a global audience.

When I boarded the EuroCarRentals ship, I was already well-versed with the intricacies of European car rentals, having been an enthusiast for years. This role amplified my zeal for sharing genuine reviews about various car rental agencies, their fleet, and rental policies. My goal is to guide travelers and car enthusiasts about the myriad car rental options available across Europe, ensuring they make informed decisions and truly enjoy their European road journeys.

Get in Touch

If you're seeking information about car rentals, partnership opportunities, or general queries, navigate to our dedicated contact page on our website. A member of our adept team will revert within 24 hours.

For direct conversations with me, drop me an email. I'm also active on LinkedIn, where I post updates about the latest trends in the European car rental industry.

More About Me

In my capacity as Car Rental Expert at EuroCarRentals, I strive to offer readers up-to-date, comprehensive, and genuine content about the European car rental scene. My association with EuroCarRentals was born out of respect for its commitment to providing readers with genuine insights and precise information - a principle I deeply resonate with.

With a frontline view of the European car rental domain, I'm privy to the latest news, updates, and offerings from various agencies. The exhilaration of sharing these findings, coupled with an outstanding team by my side, is what makes my journey with EuroCarRentals truly rewarding.

Outside of work, travel is my sanctuary. I revel in discovering diverse European locales and savoring their unique gastronomies. If you're curious about my most cherished destination? Undoubtedly, it's Italy! The culture, history, and delectable pizzas and pastas have my heart!

My Top Picks

Given the vast array of cars available for rent across Europe, selecting my absolute favorites is challenging! Presently, the Audi A4 stands out for its impeccable design and performance. As for my second pick, the classic Mini Cooper never fails to impress with its charm and agility, perfectly complementing the winding roads of Europe.

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